Alex Williams

Born in Victoria, Alex Williams first learned to knit when she was 6. Intrigued by her Granny’s creations, she was amazed at the process; clicking 2 sticks together, while fashioning bits of yarn around them could create wonderful sweaters, scarves, mittens and doll’s clothes! She was inspired to knit her first serious project as a result of a school friend receiving a pearl necklace for knitting a sweater for her father. One month later, when Alex had completed her first cardigan, she was hooked – a lifelong knitting addiction was born!

While busy with career developments that had her travelling extensively; she has been known to knit on crowded public buses, planes, trains and in automobiles! During her travels, she never passed up an opportunity to browse a local yarn shop.  Scouring the areas for hidden treasures she delighted in finding new products, and learning local home-grown techniques.

Painstakingly selecting the finest wool and silk yarns, each knitting project is masterfully crafted. One develops an emotional connection to the toques, scarves and other garments being created. “There is no greater thrill than seeing a passer-by wearing one of my designs!”