Doug Kay

Born and raised in Northern Alberta, Doug trained and worked as an electrician in Grande Prairie, AB for 35 years.  With a practical bent and the gift to fix just about anything, Doug’s first foray into woodworking entailed building furniture and toys for his growing family.  Once his children were grown and had moved away, his focus shifted to woodturning.  Self-taught, Doug has been turning wood for 15 years.  He honed his craft through reading articles and experimentation.  For Doug, the features of the wood dictate the final design of a piece, and he is always on the hunt for interesting wood to work with.

Living on the West Coast, many of his creations are made using local Big Leaf Maple, but as they say “variety is the spice of life” and Doug has turned Crabapple, Cherry, Elm, Birch, Yew and even Eucalyptus to name a few.  His work consists mainly of bowls in all different shapes and sizes from fruit bowls to pestles as well as a variety of other pieces such as vases, chess pieces, lamps and walking sticks.  Always willing to experiment and try new things, Doug has been known to fashion his own tools and adapt concepts to suit his needs.  Recently retired to ‘Sunny Saltair’, Doug has started a new chapter in woodworking:  Lately his attention has moved toward creating a ‘kaleidoscope’ of classic toys and chests for his grandkids and for charity auctions.